“We can not possibly say thank you enough to our real estate agent Ben Reeves. We absolutely love Ben! He was so amazing and patient. We truly found someone that we could trust. He truly cares about his clients, and proves it constantly. We would NEVER even consider using anyone else. Here is why:


We were hired in Charlottesville in late October, and started looking at homes immediately. We purchased our house on February 15th. Ben was with us throughout the long and difficult journey to this home that we love. The market was red hot. We viewed countless properties. We ultimately made offers on 8 homes. 8, including the one we purchased. We had a home sale contingency, which in a sellers market is a no go. He was so patient. He never gave up, and most importantly he didn’t let us give up. We found an amazing house, thanks to Ben. Like I said, we would NEVER even consider using anyone else. Furthermore, we will recommend Ben and his team every chance we get. Thanks Ben!”

— Kristin Bumbaugh


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